Top 5 Reasons Not to Shop in Some Small Towns

A top five list in ascending order of reasons why you should not shop in some small towns.

1. Limited Selection

What a fantastic recipe! I would love to make those exotic carrots with those fantastic spices! Oh wait, the local grocery store did not carry those spices. A home chef needs to cook everything with salt,pepper, and chili sauce and life will be grand.

2. Quality Not So Good

I decided to look into the frozen food section to buy a nice whole chicken. The date on the chicken was recent and the bird was completely frozen wrapped in a white wrapper. I was so excited to take the bird home to make a nice chicken stew. A few days later, I unwrapped the frozen chicken and it was completely green with a weird odor. Gross! Sometimes, you have to drive to the next town over to buy quality protein that is edible.

3. Weekly Bake Sales on Strange Fundraisers

The small town grocery stores help sponsor the strangest fundraiser events. One week you see a fundraiser to buy cupcakes to raise funding for yellow yarn for the knitting club, and then the next week you see cookies for sale to raise money for tires for a church’s charter bus. The ladies look the same every week and the ten dollar chocolate chip cookies are excellent!

4. Judgement On What You Buy

You are loading up the shopping cart with the much needed cleaning supplies and then run into one of your coworkers. She has google eyes looking into your cart and says the crazy comments that you are a millionaire for spending twenty five dollars on cleaning supplies. Next time, I hope she sees me load up my cart with crazy items like duct tape, a driving map, toilet bowel brush, and large garbage bags.

5. Running Into Everyone On A Bad Hair Day

Finally, you had one of those bad hair days where the hair spray and wet comb is a no go, and you really need to pick up a few items at the store. So you decide to brave the masses and head into to town. I first go into the post office and notice an old friend. She notices your bad hair and will say many prayers for you. Oh well, maybe that will be it. I next decide to fill the space ship car with gas and low and behold I see one of my coworkers. She has the google eyes on my hair and is starting to laugh. She figured the work around by wearing a baseball hat. Okay, that might be the last person I see around town. Let’s drive to the grocery store to pick a few items. I pick up my shopping cart and meet two families that all have the google eyes. What is today’s date? I will never go shopping on a pay day in a small town with bad hair.


Pictures on the way!


Deer Suprise

One winter, I was driving late at night around midnight on a country road that had a few street lights and limited driving view.  The night was peaceful with no weather problems and no other drivers on the road.

I was happy to be driving in a spaceship car that works great in the cities with it’s hybrid capabilities and great gas mileage. The car weights nothing and rides low to the ground.

I was driving down the road near a creak. What is that I see? Oh no, two deer in the middle of the road. The deer are not moving at all with my car driving down the road. I decided to slam on my brakes because hitting them will not end well. Screech! Screech! I am yelling out loud on the top of my lungs!!! Uugh! Ugh! Will the car stop in time?

The spaceship car comes to a sudden stop. The two deer are still standing in the middle of the road looking at the car’s high beams. The car hits both of the deer. One of the deer decides to jump out from the car and the other deer follows. They both make a small dent in the hood and it pops back out after they leave. I am still yelling at the top of my lungs! What in the world? The spaceship car continues on the voyage to  home with no damage. Hooray!



No animals were damaged what so ever when writing this story and the deer seemed okay because they were not found the next day.



Texas Wildflowers

The hills or small mounds are alive with wild flowers. Texas needs to make the months of March or April official stay at home three day weekends so people can take advantage the beautiful scenery. I like seeing how the wildflowers grow on the highways so the state can save money on mowing and be an environmental friendly state for a month or two. Hope you enjoy a few pictures that I took around town.