Deer Suprise


One winter, I was driving late at night around midnight on a country road that had a few street lights and limited driving view.  The night was peaceful with no weather problems and no other drivers on the road.

driving at night


I was happy to be driving in a spaceship car that works great in the cities with its hybrid capabilities and great gas mileage. The car weights nothing and rides low to the ground.

I was driving down the road near a creek. What is that I see? Oh no, two deer in the middle of the road. The deer are not moving at all with my car driving down the road. I decided to slam on my brakes because hitting them will not end well. Screech! Screech! I am yelling out loud on the top of my lungs!!! Uugh! Ugh! Will the car stop in time?


The spaceship car comes to a sudden stop. The two deer are still standing in the middle of the road looking at the car’s high beams. The car hits both of the deer. One of the deer decides to jump out from the car and the other deer follows. They both make a small dent in the hood and it pops back out after they leave. I am still yelling at the top of my lungs! What in the world? The spaceship car continues on the voyage to home with no damage. Hooray!



No animals were damaged what so ever when writing this story and the deer seemed okay because they were not found the next day.



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