Small Town and Statue



Have you ever noticed a small statue of a person sitting on a bench in a small town? The happy statues bring out the individual small town identity. In the town of Navasota, you see a jazz man playing his guitar with a happy smile on his face. The famous statue represents Mance Lipscomb. Mr.Lipscomb was one of the founding fathers of the blues music! Seems like the designer of the statue was pretty clever to allow people to sit next to the musician.

statues, Navasota
Mance Lipscomb

Next, my favorite statue in Navasota, TX is the statue of LaSalle standing in the middle of town. LaSalle thought he was entering the Mississippi River and his men ended up murdering him. I think it is pretty hilarious that the original founder of Navasota was given a statue for making a wrong turn.


La Salle

Bryan and College Station

Thank you for entering the line that divides Bryan and College Station. We will provide you with a nice statue and names of the individual towns. Yes, we want you to know that you are leaving one town to go to the other even though we are considered the BCS community.


Bryan, College Station
College Station, Bryan Town Divider

Most noteworthy, Bryan, TX creates a fantasy world with the downtown statues. The statue of Andrew Carnegie reading to youngsters is nice eye candy located near Carnegie Library.

The Bryan Bomber statues remind you of a simpler time before the television. I like how the dad looks like he is almost scolding the little boy while the little girl holds onto to the ball.




A person can check out the famous Buddy Holly statue at Lubbock, Texas. Buddy Holly is located at the West Texas Walk of Fame. Buddy was born in the small town of Lubbock, Texas and probably used music to add ambiance to the beautiful West Texas sunset and sunrises. Peggy Sue!

Buddy Holly, statue
Buddy Holly

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